Up next: A double dose of Frenchspiration

by Friday, October 20, 2017

Oui, oui, a Francophile is me. I must admit, I leave a little bit of my heart behind whenever I depart France.

So, I’m excited to tell you that next week we’re planning a double dose of Frenchspiration: A podcast of my chat yesterday with Jane Webster, author of “French House Chic”, AND a chance to win her gorgeous book (see me clutching it to my heart!?).

Now, my friends, I do dream in technicolour (not just red, white and blue!) so I can appreciate a beautiful country, regardless of which flag flies over it.

This week on JTC, we gazed and gasped at the beauty of Northern Italy via our Ask The Concierge and my Beloved Books.

Though personally dipping a painted toe into the pristine waters would have been preferable (only always), we managed to get by with a virtual visit to one of the world’s most beautiful places and a look inside “Europe’s Most Luxurious New Hotel”: Il Sereno Lago di Como.

The advice from the Concierge team, when asked for ‘An absolute must-do or must-see before leaving’? A boat trip, “to see the landscape from the lake perspective”. Now that’s a back-drop beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Also on the site, in this week’s Guest Traveller, Kathryn Lucas took us back in time to London, Berlin and The Netherlands – places she first visited in the 1970s and revisited this year. Kathryn is a self-confessed fan of “comparison photos” and how much fun is it to see how time, history (and advances in camera technology) have changed the world and the way we see it.

Well, I shall leave you to enjoy our offerings this week (and enjoy our posts on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) AND perhaps be inspired to leave behind in a foreign land a little bit of your own heart.