On the beers ready for regional travel

by Saturday, November 7, 2020

Fingers and toes are crossed across Victoria that the rusty Ring Of Steel may be dismantled on Sunday evening. Even if not, please let me fly the flag for my most recent filming location, the Great Alpine Road. Sorry Great Ocean Road, you get too much kudos, this road that runs from approximately Wangaratta (The Wang!) up into the Alps, is joyously beautiful. Don’t know if I’ve ever used that description before, but that’s what it did to my heart as I drove up to Dinner Plain at sunset recently and vowed to take my time on my return trip. If it’s your first time for this journey, take your time so you can meander and drop by the many roadside stalls. And don’t eat a thing prior to leaving. This region does ‘gourmet trails’ proud.

I recommend following the ‘Milawa Gourmet Region’ path. I just picked up a brochure when I popped into Snow Road Nursery. They were closed at the time, but were kind enough to let me wander and I accidentally filled the car up with plants. Loved this place.

I started my trip at the top of the Alpine region, a cool drink at Blizzard Brewery. I don’t drink beer but could appreciate this brew made from the pristine alpine waters and nearby hops. You can buy online too. I had a delicious local wine whilst there.

If you’d like to stay in the region, head to Alpine Property to hire a chalet, some have saunas, most have massive log fires, all revel in the alpine architecture of Peter McIntyre. Let’s all praise this man please, if only every town, village, housing estate could be this respectful of nature. Everything must be painted in the colours of the snow gums (yes, that means the odd red door and deep blues too); there’s double glazing; locally sourced stone for the open fires; wool carpets; plenty of space between homes for safety; the man is genius!

I took a VERY slow drive down the mountain and my first pit stop was Harrietville, where I dropped by the general store/bakery for some pastries (you may need cash here). Apologies to any locals who thought me a lunatic for taking pics of all the sweet houses, the trees and gardens. You are too spoilt for words! Equally my drive through Bright had me playing the annoying driver, the trees alone are reason to go slow. If you’d like to linger longer, head to the clock tower and maybe drop by Cherry Lane cafe for a wonderful meal.

Myrtleford and Milawa really stole my heart and here is where you need to keep your eyes peeled for those roadside producers. From walnuts, to eggs, get ready to do lots of stops and I hope the #milawagournettrail is of use to you.

Once again, please do your best to support these wonderful regional areas, they’re so worth it.

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