Packing Tips

by Thursday, June 16, 2016

‘Organised Chaos’

I know this pic may look like a travellers mosh pit to you, organised chaos, but here is my perfect pack coming together.

Catriona Rowntree Packing Tips

Three weeks in Russia, that’s the trip, but here’s my drill…

1. Research your itinerary. Where, what, who? You need a vague idea of what you’ll be packing for to avoid annoyance. Will there be a church or place of worship you’ll be going to? Do you need to dress with respect (covered shoulders and knees), is there a fancy pants dinner? Bike riding an option? A pool at the hotel? To be forewarned is to be… better packed.

2. Start following the weather of the location your going to three weeks before you depart. It may be summer in Russia, but for this wimpy Aussie, 14°C requires a woolly jumper.

3. Two weeks before you leave, start to put the odd desired piece aside, in a spot in your house that won’t bother anyone. You’ll slowly build your pack and avoid last minute ‘where’s my blue shoe?!!!’ moments.

4. Stick to three colours (I’m feeling red, purple and black for Russia, how ’bout you?)

5. Take nothing that crushes – irons are like dinosaurs to me. Extinct, but of value in their day. Hate ’em! Irons that is, not dinosaurs, I love them.

6. The day before you go, put everything on your bed, get your outfits worked out, then halve it, eliminate like a demon. More space = more shopping. My humble mantra in life.

7. Pack a large suitcase with wheels for your checked bag, a ‘trolley dolly’ for onboard (I like one with pockets on the front or solid as a rock if you’ve something that may break if you carry it) and a small purse for wallet/passport/pen/phone/lip moisturiser and other easy access essentials.

8. Pack lingerie, toiletries, shoes separately in small bags so nothing gets muddled or spilt onto clothes. Don’t forget to buy those cheap plastic containers from the supermarket for shampoo etc so you avoid bulking up.

9. Throw everything in, keeping clothing separate. I’m a flat, not rolled kinda packer and I try to keep the plastic from the dry cleaners to protect things. I still curse my favourite silk shirt having a shoe stain on its sleeve god damnit! Should’ve separated.

10.Never take anything away you’d be upset to lose and pop a red ribbon on the bag handle for good luck.



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