Beijing – A capital with something for everyone

by Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Leigh Li has worked as Concierge at The Peninsula Beijing for 22 years. She grew up in Chengdu and came to Beijing, now a city of 21+ million people, when she was six. Her favourite Beijing locale is Houhai, where she likes to find a place to have some tea, and walk around. The hotel says, “a cultural yet contemporary metropolis … representing a balance of rich Chinese history and modern day China … Beijing has something for everyone”. Let’s explore China’s massive capital which has a history stretching back three millennia…

Leigh Li.

It’s a rainy day but we want to explore, what we should do

Explore the National Museum and Capital Museum or have a Chinese traditional massage at The Peninsula Beijing SPA.

Her recommendations for night-time entertainment

Gong Fu show at Red Theatre; Acrobatic show at Chao Yang Theatre; Noodle show at Haidilao Hot Pot; or Lao She tea house.

Key words or phrases visitors should learn

你好,hǎo – Hello

谢谢 , xièxie – Thank You

Where to find the best shopping and souvenirs

Silk Market and Pearl Market. It depends on what kind of souvenir people like. People normally buy an Opera Mask, Stamp, Kite, Chopstick, Cloisonné, Paper cutting, Jade, or Pearl.

A child-friendly thing to do or place to go

Beijing Zoo, Chao Yang Park, China Science & Technology Museum. Also, at The Peninsula Beijing, we launched the year-round kids program where, each month, we choose two Sundays to have kids’ activities. The curated programme of 22 classes and pursuits has been designed to stimulate children’s imaginations and create memorable experiences themed around Chinese and international culture, festivals and celebrations.

Best kept secret or favourite hidden treasure

Jingshan Park. If you go to the top of the hill, you can see the view of the Forbidden City.

Best way to get to the airport

Hotel limousine.

Best time of the year to visit

April & May, September & October.

Anything else we should know when visiting

Currency exchange rate. Traffic restriction by plate. Taxis are not easy to hail. Some local restaurants do not take reservations and international credit cards. Some shopping malls and markets also do not take reservations and international credit cards.


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