Peter Bingeman, Chief Executive Officer, Visit Victoria

by Saturday, July 7, 2018

I grew up in the Yarra Valley [in Victoria] and it will always be one of my favourite places to take time out and enjoy myself.  I was raised as a wine lover on my parents’ vineyard and am still passionate about the local produce in the region.

There’s a lot to do in the Yarra Valley, visitors to the region can take an early morning balloon flight, meet passionate food and wine producers, and encounter a platypus at Healesville Sanctuary in the Yarra Valley.

Peter Bingeman.

Top travel tip for the Yarra Valley

Try out several different wineries across the region, take your time and relax. A great way to enjoy the experience is to join a tour or organise a driver before you head out and stay overnight to immerse yourself with everything on offer in the region.

Something he always packs when he travels

My mobile phone charger (and adapter if I’m heading overseas).  It is important to stay connected.

A bucket-list destination 

I’d love to further explore the Murray region in Victoria. There’s so much history and a great variety of experiences like Barmah and Mungo National Parks, Pink Salt Lakes, Port of Echuca Discovery Centre and fabulous regional towns dotted along the river, including some wonderful golf courses.

A travel disaster – or near-miss – which stays in his mind

In my early 20s, I travelled to Africa and whilst visiting the Gorillas in the Congo and managed to cut my leg.  This very small cut became infected and turned in to a full-blown infection that travelled through my body.  Fortunately, I found a doctor who had studied in Cambridge who gave me medication that cleared the infection after three days. The learning for me was to carry disinfectant when travelling to remote destinations and no matter how small a cut appears, always disinfect.

About Peter Bingeman, Chief Executive Officer, Visit Victoria

Peter Bingeman was appointed the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of Visit Victoria in May 2016. Visit Victoria is the State’s primary tourism, business and major events company that leads the sector in creating, curating and communicating Victoria’s inspiring experiences to maximise visitation.

Having achieved a double degree in Economics/Marketing and Philosophy at the University of Melbourne, Peter commenced his fast-moving consumer goods career with Procter and Gamble and has since worked for Cadbury/Schweppes, Kraft and Mondelez.

Over the last decade Peter has held senior leadership positions across sales and marketing. He has been instrumental in organisational success where acquisitions have changed the landscape considerably. Prior to joining Visit Victoria Peter was Managing Director, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Indochina with Mondelez International.

Having lived In Singapore and Malaysia for four years, Peter brings his global business, change management, and strategic marketing/sales experience to Visit Victoria.