A positive step for tourism

by Thursday, February 8, 2018

I do love a regional airport.

When I was living in the city, the only ones I’d really visited were for “Getaway” and I just thought they were sweet little hubs, with lovely Grannies serving freshly made sambos, and wonderful art in the foyer. Hello Broken Hill, with your Pro Hart art. I’m looking at you!

It wasn’t until I moved to a regional area myself, that I knew the weight of their importance to a local community. I could never have imagined our local airport would be responsible for me accepting my Husband’s hand (big, farmer ones at that) in marriage.

You see, when I fell in love with my Farmer, I thought, ‘My life is over!’. I didn’t want to leave the city, my family, all I knew and loved and the simple ease of living around the corner from work. I had it so easy.

Then, when my Boss said to me, “I don’t care where you live, as long as you can get to an airport, you’ll be fine,” it coincided with my little, regional airport opening up to the public and a new life of opportunity and connection to our entire region was created.

This is how the world is moving now: You can live anywhere, as long as you have some form of connection. Not just a computer, or phone, but if you’ve proximity to an airstrip, so much is possible for you.

I was jumping out of my skin wth excitement recently when years of negotiations paid off and my local airport, Avalon, was able to make the leap and announce it’s going International having teamed up with Air Asia. (I’m pictured with the head of Air Asia, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.)

This is huge! Such
where hopefully we are able to embrace and protect what we have naturally. Rather than destroy land in the name of development, now we can bring funds into the community by celebrating and showing off the beauty of our area.

I’ve been to so many regional airports around the world and I’ll never underestimate their fundamental importance to a community and connecting people to the world. The only negative comment I heard about Avalon’s expansion is ‘We don’t want it to change’ and I totally understand that. It’s gentle, local charm is something I adore… along with it’s David Bromley art.

Here’s to supporting our regional airports in any way we can.

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