Riding the French Alps

by Saturday, November 24, 2018

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to travel a lot, both within Australia and overseas, on trips with and without my bike.  My favourite overseas cycling adventure would have to be the French countryside about 600km south east of Paris.  This region of France has the most stunning and challenging mountains, including l’Alpe d’Huez and Mont Ventoux. A few years ago I got to climb them both on my bike after seeing them on the televised coverage of the Tour de France!

Lisa Byrne.

Lisa’s top tip for cycling in France

Take lots of water and food as well as a camera, brush up on your French and get ready to ride lots of hills; Australian hills don’t quite prepare you!

Something she always packs when she travels

Sunscreen, band-aids, lip balm, nail file and Deep Heat.  Obviously don’t use all these together or make up some weird concoction with them but on every trip at least one of these things has been worth its weight in gold!

A destination on her bucket list, for future travels 

I met my sister in Santa Monica a few years back.  We spent a lot of time in and around Santa Monica as well as road tripping to Santa Barbara.  The views of the ocean and the landscape are spectacular; I can’t wait to go back and cycle there!

A travel disaster – or near-miss – which stays in her mind

I was heading over to Adelaide for the Tour Down Under a few years back with my partner.  Work commitments dictated that we could only manage a weekend in Adelaide, so we flew from Melbourne rather than driving.  We arrived on the last flight on Friday night but our luggage and bikes didn’t.  Let’s just say the weekend’s activities didn’t go quite as we had planned. Upside is that we got to experience and enjoy lots of wine tasting!

About Lisa Byrne, President, Cycling Victoria

Lisa had absolutely no interest or inclination in any sport growing up; apart from swimming – a rite of passage in Queensland!  Lisa started riding bikes so that she could compete in triathlons in the early 2000s.

Lisa was elected onto the board of Cycling Victoria in 2012, and held the position of Finance Director between mid-2014 and early 2017. She was elected vice president in November 2016, and president in December 2017.

A committed contributor to cycling events, Lisa was a volunteer at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the Brisbane 2001 Goodwill Games, and the Mark Webber Challenge in 2007-08, and is a member of the St Kilda Cycling Club.

Lisa is a senior executive with expertise in Major Change and Transition programs. She is a CPA with an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Lisa contributed to Cycling Victoria’s current strategy and has a keen interest in promoting the watching and riding aspects of the association’s vision, as well as the racing. For more information about Cycling Victoria, click here.

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All images: Ernesto Arriagada