Room Mate Gorka, San Sebastian, Spain

by Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Harri Inurrieta is one of the concierges at the hotel Room Mate Gorka, in the centre of San Sebastian, which opened in August 2018. San Sebastian-born, he has worked as a concierge in different hotels of the city since 2007. In his own words, he knows “this marvellous city very well” and believes it is “one of the most beautiful cities, with the greatest tourist potential in Europe”. 

Harri Inurrieta.

His favourite locale when enjoying a day off

I love going on Pintxos to the Old Part of San Sebastian with my friends. In this city you know when you start but you don’t know when you finish your Pintxos Route! Going on Pintxos is the typical plan that people from this city love to do.

Where he takes his own guests when they visit

As I was saying, going on Pintxos is a MUST in this city. After that I normally show them some places that I love, like the harbour or Miramar Palace, which used to be one of the residences of the kings of Spain.

It’s a rainy day but we want to explore, what we should do

No doubts: you must visit the Aquarium of San Sebastian. It’s one of the best in Europe. Apart from the animal zone (where we can find two bull sharks), there is a part of the visit that explains the relationship between the Basque culture and the sea, besides its commercial route by sea with Venezuela. It’s very interesting.

What he recommends as night-time entertainment

I always suggest starting in Atari bar having some drinks. The atmosphere is amazing in their terrace. After that, you have nice Discos like Gu Disco or Bataplan Disco. Both have the best views of La Concha Bay.

Which key phrase or phrases visitors should learn

Remember: “Zurito” means half beer.

“Pintxos” are not like “Tapas”. “Tapas” are good, “Pintxos” are delicious.

“Eskerrik Asko” means “Thank you”.

And, of course, “Kaixo” means “Hello”.

The best shopping and souvenirs 

Best shopping is in Avenida de la Libertad, but the streets nearby are also really good. A typical souvenir of this city is the keychain of La Concha Handrail, a symbol of the city. You can also buy a bottle of Txakoli, a typical spicy white wine of the Basque Country.

A child-friendly thing to do or place to go

I really think going to La Concha beach (even in winter) is one of the most fun things to do in this city. It is known as one of the best beaches of the world on TripAdvisor. These views are unforgettable. I also recommend visiting San Sebastian during the Big Week in August. During this week there are fireworks in the bay every night!

His best-kept secret or favourite hidden treasure

Santa Clara Island is my favourite place of this city. This small island is in the middle of La Concha Bay and I love going there with my dog and having a walk while you listen to the sea. There is nothing better in this world.

The best way to get to the airport

Easy. There are buses every 30 minutes from the centre of San Sebastian. But, if you have too much luggage, a taxi will not cost more than 30€.

Best time of the year to visit

Definitely, I think September is the best month to visit San Sebastian. It is still summer here but you do not find the same number of tourists as in August. And remember that our International Film Festival is always at the end of this month!

Anything else we should know when visiting

I think that no matter how much you prepare yourself for this city, San Sebastian will always surprise you insome way. Simply let yourself be surprised by its beauty, its gastronomy and its people. Enjoy!


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