Sandals a must for Malaysian adventure

by Monday, July 6, 2020

Guest traveller Cheryl Botha, the founder of Ankalia Sandals, shares a past trip to a tropical island paradise in Malaysia. Join her for her #GuestTraveller as she remembers her June 2019 trip to Pangkor Laut Island Resort.

Tips for making the trip easier and more enjoyable

Well, let me tell you about Pangkor Laut. It’s a tropical island resort that is heavenly! I was lucky enough to go there for a sandal photoshoot in mid-Winter. Pangkor Laut is a private island resort in Malaysia. It’s about a 4-hour drive (depending on traffic) north of Kuala Lumpur on the west coast.

Getting there

We flew to Kuala Lumpur and booked a taxi to take us to the resort. Yep! That’s right you can get a taxi for a 4-hour journey for only 400 Ringgit. The taxi will take you to the resort’s office on the mainland and a boat transfer is included with your resort booking. The boats go at specific times, so make sure you check that your taxi will arrive in time to connect with the boat transfer.

Where to stay

The resort offers a choice of beautiful villas and over water bungalows. I will mention that if you choose an over water bungalow it’s a 15-minute walk to the centre of the resort and the terrain is a bit tricky. So that means 15 minutes to walk to breakfast every morning. If you’re in a villa the terrain is a bit hilly. That said, it’s fine if you’re wearing your Ankalia sandals. I definitely would only recommend flats or very low heels for this terrain.

What to eat

We dined somewhere different every night. The two highlights would have to be night one when we dined at Fisherman’s Cove. We were outdoors over looking the beach and swaying palm trees. I had one of the best fish meals of my life. The other dinner to recommend was a private dining experience on the beach at Emerald Bay. We were right on the beach and we got lucky with a spectacular sunset.

Coffee is important to me and yes, they had good coffee every morning.

What to do

I found there was enough to do, to keep me challenged every day. I did yoga every morning and tai chi one morning. I worked out at the gym and also did a guided nature walk through the jungle (short route) over to Emerald Bay. I also did my own jungle walk, a much longer walk over to Emerald Bay on another day. There are also the usual water activities like kayaking and fishing, as well as spa treatments, tennis courts and a choice of two beach front pools.


There’s also wildlife on the island. We constantly saw the seven Hornbill birds, as well as several great big Monitors on the beach. They’re like a huge lizard or Goanna. We were also told that there are wild boars on the island.


Emerald Bay was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. It’s one of those amazing tropical, white sandy beaches. I also saw one of the best sunsets of my life there too. It would be a hot contender for one of the top beaches in the world.


I didn’t see a single child when I was there which really made for a relaxing adult only holiday.

Top 3 tips before you arrive.

  • Book all your dinners before you arrive on the island to be sure of getting some of the exclusive, limited edition options, such as beach dining at Emerald Bay.
  • Book your massages in advance of arriving.
  • Be prepared for tricky terrain and pack flat sandals. No heels.

Discover more about where Cheryl stayed here.

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