ScootBiz, Luxury for Less?

by Friday, February 24, 2017

By JTC Traveller, Charmaine Perry.

When it comes to budgeting for holidays, it can get quite overwhelming deciding how you want to spend your hard-earned travel dollars…

Should you treat yourself and fly in comfort and style in business or first? Or would that money be better spent on experiences and upgrades at your destination? It’s a hard decision, but imagine if it were affordable to do both…

To see if this were possible, I booked a ticket onboard budget airline Scoot, flying business class (ScootBiz) from Sydney to Singapore. This is what I discovered…


Check In + Baggage

  • Flying ScootBiz does make check-in faster and easier, there’s a designated counter for ScootBiz flyers – meaning you’ll be able to get to duty free shopping faster!
  • All ScootBiz flyers are allowed a checked luggage allowance of 30 kilograms, plus two pieces of carry-on up to 15 kilograms.



  • ScootBiz flyers receive priority boarding, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to organise your flight essentials (mine are a good novel, water & moisturiser) and get comfy before take-off.


The cabin & the seat

  • Business class has a 2-3-2-seat layout
  • The leather seats do not lie flat but recline just enough to be comfortable. They feature an adjustable leg and headrest and with the press of a button, you can choose the level of brightness coming through the window. Now that’s fancy (this is my first business class flight, so am blown away by the simple things)!
  • The plane itself it very suave, it’s a Boeing 787 Dreamliner and is said to be quieter, lighter, roomier and have better air quality than comparable aircrafts.




All important… Food and beverages!

  • As soon as you’re comfortable you can expect a “Scootee” (flight attendant) to ask what you’d like to drink, it’s complimentary, I went for the coconut water – my friend who’s an international flight attendant swears by it for hydration during long-haul flights.
  • As a ScootBiz flyer, your main meal is complimentary and includes a choice from the ‘Premium Selections’ menu. I chose the Singapore Signature Chicken Rice – chicken breast, veggies, rice cooked in chicken stock + chilli. My side dishes included a potato salad, Cadbury chocolate, peaches in juice and Evian natural mineral water. FYI: make sure you pre-order your meal when booking your ticket, to avoid getting something you may not want.
  • Snacks are not complimentary during the flight, but there is a large selection to choose from: cheese and crackers SGD$5, almond biscotti SGD$5, mixed nuts SGB$4, tea/coffee/ hot choc SGB$4. Water refills are free, but bottles of water are not.



  • ScooTV is available to stream on personal laptops, mobile phones or tablets (complimentary) and offers the latest movies and TV shows.
  • There is a universal power socket (no USB points) by the armrest, so don’t worry about running low on battery.

The service

  • The “Scootees” were very lovely, attentive and friendly.
  • During my flight, I got chatting with one of the “Scootees” telling her it will be my first time in Singapore. She left and came back with a personalised, handwritten list of recommendations – including where to shop, dine and go out at night!



    The “Scootees”!


The extras

Scoot is a low-cost carrier after all, so some things aren’t included in order to keep costs down…

  1. AUD$18 will get you a Snooze Kit, which includes a fleece blanket, cloth-lined eye mask and inflatable neck pillow.
  2. Wi-Fi is available, but not free. Click here for prices.
  3. SGD$39 will get you three hours of SATS Premier Lounge access in Changi Airport. It has complimentary Wi-Fi, showers, workstations, magazines, massage chairs and food & beverages.
  4. Loyalty points: If PlusPerks is purchased during your booking, you’ll earn KrisFlyer frequent flyer points – KrisFlyer is among the world’s leading frequent flyer programmes.


That’s a wrap!

If you’re like me and are constantly debating the pretty and the practical, then let me tell you, you’ll be very surprised to learn it can be possible (even just once!) to fly business, to experience the luxury while you’re sky-high, and still have money left over for a nice hotel.

Budget airlines, like Scoot, are making this affordable. See, you can pick up a ScootBiz ticket from Sydney to Singapore for around AUD$500 – that’s cheaper than an economy ticket on some full-service airlines.

It’s not business class as you may expect – with the PJ’s and the fully reclining seat – but if you’re happy with the above flight features, I’m sure you’ll be happy flying ScootBiz.

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