Share the love – help the parents

by Friday, July 6, 2018
We need your help.

We have been fielding questions here at JTC from parents wondering what to do with their children these holidays. So, I ask you, please share your tips, your ideas, and tag them #journeystocome. Help the parents. Surely, you’ve some great ideas of what us fellow activity lovers can get up to these holidays, so please share the love.

As for me, I’ve finally brushed off last week’s jet lag. You may remember, I sampled the tip to try drinking green tea during your long-haul flight to ward off jet lag… It didn’t bloody work! Should’ve stuck to the normal champers-and-coffee and had a much better time.

But I digress… it’s holiday time in my home and I’m not taking my cherubs anywhere. Maybe we’ll visit Mum in Sydney, but I don’t think any of us should feel compelled to take our family away; to out-do our past trips; to be fabulous each and every holiday.

Yep, I’m one of those parents who believe in the joy of allowing my children to revel in boredom, to go outside and create their own fun. I can’t afford the alternative, plus, I know for a fact your children won’t love you any more if you stay in a grand hotel, fly to an exotic location, or splash the cash. They love you for your company, for you kindness and helping them to feel valued.

So, that’s my week. Possibly, like you, I’m doing my darnedest to work when I can and keep my private life on a happy keel. But I truly would love to hear any suggestions you may have for what you love to get up to, when holidaying in your own city. Let it rip Dear Traveller!


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