Skate parks, scrap books & religious sites

by Friday, April 13, 2018

I write to you from the Twilight Zone of caring for children during school holidays whilst trying (and not doing very well) to maintain a connection to the outside world.

I’ll be honest with you; I’m typing from the skate park.

My heart goes out to all parents juggling at this time, to make sure their children are not left in front of a screen for two weeks, whilst also maintaining some form of professional life. It’s bloody hard, so please be compassionate to any parent that hasn’t replied to your email within 15 seconds, or is typing whilst at the park. RESPECT!

Another thing I’ve been pondering this week that I wanted to ask you about: How has your phone has affected your journal writing?

Ok, this may be random if you’ve never kept any travel notes, but I know, pre-mobile, I was proud to keep lengthy notes in my Moleskin journal for each overseas trip. Post-mobile, I think I’m a dead-set legend just for popping a pic on Instagram.

I lament the loss of those handwritten notes about my adventures: Restaurants visited, hotels recommended, or near-death experiences whilst on the road. You know how it is.

But how will my Grandchildren know of my wild tales if I’ve only documented things on social media? And who really gives a hoot after a week or so that those images have appeared?

Pics stay on phones; rarely if ever printed. Scrapbooking seems so time-consuming when our lives are so busy and we collapse in a heap each night (please tell me I’m not alone).

What are your thoughts? How do you marry the two in our time-poor, but visually demanding lives. How will you document your next journey to come?

This week, on Journeys To Come…

Guest Traveller: Enya Broadley
“The key purpose of the trip was to build houses in the Mekong Delta. Whilst there, we stayed in a beautiful homestay and rode our bikes into the village where we would build for the day. Laying bricks was the extent of our house-building skills, and we did this for three days straight.” To read her story, click here.
Ask The Concierge: Shilla Stay Guro, Seoul, South Korea “You should definitely visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace, the largest and arguably the most beautiful of the five palaces in South Korea. Another place to visit is Hongdae, a neighbourhood known for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground culture, and freedom of self-expression.” Read it here.

Come Fly With Me: Michelle Woodley

“At 9pm, the “shy” [Northern] lights peeked out for a few minutes, and again around 10:30pm and midnight.  The lights require darkness, clear skies, and solar activity to be seen.  While the solar activity was low, we got a glimpse of the wondrously lit-up sky.” Read her story, here.

Catriona’s Travel Tips: Religious Tourism This week, we answered another very interesting question from a JTC follower. It centres around ‘religious tourism’. Read my response here. If you have a travel-related question, please send it to

Como Fashion Quarter Exhibition in Melbourne Before I go this week, I must mention the latest Stylists exhibition happening at Como House in Melbourne’s South Yarra. It exhibits the talents of four fashion practitioners who have each transformed a quarter of Como House in a new exhibition exploring the role of the stylist. Its runs until 1 July 2018. For more information, click here.