Skiing Falls Creek – the prize for living in Melbourne

by Saturday, November 10, 2018

My favourite destination is Falls Creek Ski Resort in Victoria. It is an all-seasons resort nestled in the Bogong High Plains at 5,000 feet. Now over 70 years old, the resort has some of the best skiing in the country, and is also a pristine summer environment, home to high-altitude athletes.

Simon Warrender.

Simon’s top tip for holidaying in Falls Creek

Take some good après ski boots, spending money, and a healthy appetite as the dining on the mountain is excellent.

Something he always packs when he travels

A spade to dig out my car, and a bag of small Mars bars for a treat on the chairlift.

A destination on his bucket list

Being a skier, I want to travel to the Arlberg in Austria, which is known as the cradle of skiing.

A travel disaster – or near-miss – which stays in his mind

Having planned a trip to ski in Austria this year, I arrived for a few days in London to get over jetlag and caught the mother of all chest infections, which meant I didn’t go skiing. A warm hotel room in London wasn’t a bad second option.


About Simon H. Warrender

Simon is Executive Director, Secretary and Founder, of the Melbourne Prize Trust, established in 2004 to provide financial and professional development opportunities to artists by running the annual Melbourne Prize.

Simon announced the annual Melbourne Prize, following the unveiling of his project, being the commissioning of The Magic Pudding sculpture as a centrepiece of a new children’s garden precinct in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne’s CBD. The prize is established to provide opportunities for artists and recognise and reward excellence and talent, inspire creative development and enrich public life.

The Melbourne Prize operates in a three-year cycle as follows: Melbourne Prize for Literature (announced Wednesday 14 November 2018); Melbourne Prize for Music (2019); and Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture 2020; then the cycle commences again.

The Trust has three objectives, which are met by running the annual Melbourne Prize: to recognise and reward excellence and talent; to inspire creative development; and to enrich public life.

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