Stepping into school-holiday mode

by Saturday, December 15, 2018

I’ve just stepped into school-holiday mode, alongside my annual, ‘Harvest Widow’ period. So, just as I wrapped my last trip for 2018 with “Getaway” last week, my Fresh Farmer hubby began the busiest period of his year, harvesting his crops. When single, I accepted this favourably and went off to visit friends. As a Mum, I curse his name! Sorry, venting slightly there.

Anyhoo, so now I’m in full ‘find me an activity’ mode and I’m working Google like my life depends on it. I’ve headed straight to the beach – The Great Ocean Road in our case – and am staying for a few days at a friend’s beach house. I gotta tell you, I’m kicking goals! We’ve found a calm beach and are boogie boarding our hearts out. I’ve read three books! Yesterday was raining so we went to ‘Surf City’ in Torquay and found the Rip Curl warehouse where I bought the boys their first wetsuits and I fell in love with every poster of Mick Fanning (major crush).

The homeward stretch saw us drop into The Chocolaterie and we thought we were on the set of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. This arvo is surf lessons and a ‘Roo Tour of the local golf course that’s covered in kangaroos, and apparently the odd golfer.

I’m getting it together people and it’s only Week One of the holidays. Will I fall in a heap of Christmas tinsel next week? I dunno, but I’m open to suggestions. This is the time to band together and swap holiday tips with your friends. My Mum used to throw us into the station wagon and just drive. I know the Dubbo Zoo like the back of my hand. My Mum is so proud of her efforts entertaining her four children whilst Dad worked. Good times!

I wish you well these holidays, however you may be spending them. Enjoy the summer edition of “Getaway”, at 7.30pm on Thursdays on Channel 9, where we are also doing our darnedest to offer holiday ideas. We will also share as many ideas as possible here at Journeys To Come.

Next week, we’ll share the itinerary and tips list from a Mum who hit the frog and toad with her whole family, to travel around Australia. Brave woman, but so happy. We’ll have that up soon and when I get a mo’ away from my little ones, I’ll do my best to answer your travel questions, too… just need that twenty-fifth hour of the day.

All the best, Dear Traveller.


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