Summer Books

by Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Between the pages of a book is a wonderful place to be

Books are one of my favourite things, especially travel books, and I have to say if you’re a traveller it seems to be a very natural fit that you enjoy reading, whether it’s a simple coffee table book or romance novel.

So to inspire you with some top summer reads, here are my recommendations…

This one is for the dreamers in us all and is by Australian author Jane De Teliga called Running Away From Home. It’s a true story about Jane, who I actually used to work with for many years when she was one of Australia’s top fashion stylists (and it’s fair to say, she is still a top fashion stylist)!

It got to a point in life where her children had moved out of home and she thought ‘you know what, I’m actually going to follow my dreams, I’m going to pack it all up here in Australia and I’m going to move to Europe’ – in her case the move led her to Paris.

Now, this isn’t the sort of person who’s going on a gap year, this is someone who is a fair bit older and she thought ‘you’re only here once, let’s go for it’.

I just love her book; it gives you recommendations on everything from fantastic restaurants, great hotels, wonderful travel locations, but also wonderful fashion tips as well.

I also thought I’d mention one of my most adored coffee table books for hotel lovers.

Many of us dream about particular hotel rooms to the point that we will come home and we will try to recreate it – maybe it’s just the cushion, maybe it’s just the scented candle, it could be the whole wallpaper! I know you can go to Crown and you can order the room if you love it.

Check out a book called Great Escapes Europe by Taschen book publishers. Taschen is just the most exquisite book publisher who do the most dreamy coffee table books and this I believe is one of, if not their best, if you’re trying to pinpoint the ultimate place to head off to this year, a bucket list destination or maybe you’ll never make it you just love getting lost in the photos, believe me – check this one out.

I love a good romance novel and Hello From The Gillespies by Monica McInerney is a delightful one, perfect to take to the beach or anywhere that you have good fortune to flop.

I was having a bad day a couple of weeks ago and there were only two things that were going to fix it: carbohydrates and a romance novel. So I went along to my local bookstore and bought this wonderful book. It’s definitely worth a read this summer.