Running an Online Fashion Boutique from Outback QLD!

by Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ele Deane is an inspirational woman who I met on my recent journey to Longreach, Queensland. She’s a young, vivacious Mum who has had her fair share of personal challenges, not to mention the fact that it hasn’t rained out her way for three years! She’s so keyed into her creativity, has followed her instincts and is an absolute role model to us all. I asked Ele to throw some tips our way…


When opportunity knocks, don’t wait until you’re ready, just go for it, the road will rise before you!

Four years ago, I launched The Tack Room Boutique, a designer fashion store in my country town of Longreach. I’m a busy mum of three, we run a cattle grazing business, and I have a big vision.

This year the boutique was launched online, I’m so wildly excited by the possibility of what I can create. Our customers are now across the world, it’s like opening a very large and glossy ‘side’ entrance to the store. Our customers are drawn and remain connected to us through social media (@thetackroomboutique) which is the driving force behind our online sales. Daily inspiration for interesting and engaging posts is a number one priority.

The brand is wholesome and genuine. Showcasing our collections with local models in locations around the surrounding grazing district is just so natural. It’s refreshing to just be yourself and connect with your customers through your story.

Building a ‘dream team’ is so important. Surrounding myself with positive people and building and drawing on my networks is propelling. Other rural business women are particularly excited to share their knowledge, inspire and empower. I love to advocate that a rural location is not limiting and will encourage other women to chase their business dreams. Your net worth is your network!

Longreach AWI

Celebrating our rural location with local photoshoots and events connects us with our customers. Recently, we collaborated with the AWI (Australian Wool Innovation) to create a wool fashion parade from the source… sheep country. Australian Wool Ambassador Catriona Rowntree was there, and so were our favourite Australian labels.

Watch the Wool Parade and behind the scenes action below…

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Connect with Ele and The Tack Room Boutique on social media – @thetackroomboutique.