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Travel is not a privilege

by Friday, September 28, 2018

How is the week treating you? For those of you with school children currently on holidays, my wish for you is that you’re coping. I’m willing you through with 'emotional Panadol', via this Newsletter. For the rest of you, know that I’m always wishing you the best. I wanted to share a conversation I had this week ...

Pop a podcast in your ears & transport yourself

by Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Need some travel inspiration? Feel like taking a trip but need to batten down the hatches at the moment? Put in your earbuds and take a journey, with us... In our podcast episodes to date, we have criss-crossed Asia and the Middle East on the airwaves, specifically: Exploring Shanghai again with Australian author Kirsty Manning and Dubai ...

Catriona’s Travel Tips – Your Travel Questions Answered #16!

by Thursday, August 2, 2018

Question from Lisa: Hi Catriona, How do I find a good travel agent? Thanks, Lisa Catriona's Answer: Hello Lisa, I reached out to Sarah Whitty of The Hotel Connection, who (pardon the pun) has connected JTC with some great worldwide hotels and ‘lifestyle concierges’ to interview for you and Sarah advised… Your first priority is to make sure the travel agent is AFTA accredited and you ...