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Disconnecting to reconnect

by Saturday, March 3, 2018

It’s lovely to connect with you but I’ll admit, this week at Journeys To Come, we’ve been quite unified in our belief in the need to ‘disconnect to reconnect' in order to enhance our personal relationships. May I be really honest with you about something? When I was filming a series of romantic resorts in Asia last year, I ...

Weird spells & holy places

by Friday, October 13, 2017

Let's be honest with each other... Do you ever need a holiday after returning from your holiday? Heaven, help me. I'm pooped after turning a work trip to the Jamestown Show South Australia (what a triumph, helloooo Elon Musk!) into a family holiday. Mother Guilt, gets me every time, but boy was I dazzled by our Aussie landscape. I ...