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Get happy! Explore mid-Century Finnish colour & style at Bendigo Art Gallery

by Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Walking up the steps to the Bendigo Art Gallery was one of the happiest moments of last weekend. That could be put down to the thrill of seeing a massive wall emblazoned with shocking-pink poppies, but it was definitely also the anticipation of total immersion in the Finnish textile and fashion company's world for two whole hours. Bliss. Hat ...

From divine Qualia to deer blood, with Lorie Argus, Melbourne Airport

by Saturday, March 31, 2018

Lorie's favourite destination.... It is hard to narrow down my favourite destination given I have travelled extensively. Hawaii and Mexico jump to mind as some favourites however, it is hard to beat my most recent holiday to Hamilton Island, but in particular Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island. That resort is absolutely divine; it’s exclusive, it’s adults ...

Incredible, natural, Aussie landscapes, with Christina Renowden

by Saturday, March 3, 2018

Christina Renowden is the founder and director of Leap into Nature, an organisation engaging children in their learning and exciting their sense of wonder in the natural world. When asked about her favourite places to visit, Christina offered three locations to which her family had recently travelled: Kakadu in the Northern Territory, Lady Elliot Island in Queensland, and Wilson's Promontory in Victoria.  Christina Renowden. Wilson’s ...