The Courtyard Marriott Seminyak

by Saturday, July 16, 2016

Helloooo Shoppers… actually that’s not fair, we should include food lovers, families, sun seekers and floppers (I just made that term up – for people seeking to flop on a lounge chair and not do much more)! I have found the perfect spot to thrill you all, whilst being smack dab in the middle of uber cool Seminyak, Bali. Picture a fabulous hotel with all your needs met, a beautiful spa, restaurant with an all day breakfast menu, endless pools, great room service and you, in the middle of it all, lapping it up!

When I visited here, at first I had no idea where the driver was taking me, as we were in the middle of bustling Seminyak. Suddenly, The Marriott appears and you enter another world…. A safe haven. I think I can fairly say if you wanted to just chill at the hotel for your whole holiday you’d be happy here, but for some of us it’s nice to know that options are a stone’s throw away.

You can’t see the beach from this hotel, as I say, it’s closer to the shopping district. So I was intrigued when the concierge told me the beach was just a moments buggy ride away. Sure enough, the hotel has a buggy on tap and I was whisked a few minutes down the road to the beach – and The Marriott’s own private beach club. When I went, I had the place to myself! The beach was lovely and to flop on a beach chair with a waiter popping a cool drink by my side felt amazing. I didn’t get to stay long, but I felt re-engergised after just a short dip. I think it’s a plus to just know you have this option.

Marriott Courtyard Seminyak - beachside

Now, I’ve a few tips for you on how to make the most of this gorgeous hotel, so if you don’t mind…

1. They offer cooking classes! You may never cook Balinese food at home, but this is a really nice thing to do whether your traveling solo or with a buddy. Oh, and don’t forget to join in on the daily aqua aerobics classes. You’ll look like a complete goose, but laugh your head off in the process. Finish off with a fresh fruit cocktail, yum!

2. The hotel has a fantastic back up plan if it rains, things like popcorn in the lobby for little ones (actually I love popcorn so I had this too) and for whoever’s keen – you can take on the hotel manager in a ping pong match!

3. I loved the spa’s in the area, from super cheap manicures to OTT massages, but the hotel does have a lovely spa, book in early (and often).

4. Ask the concierge where to have clothes made. I went to a local place and had a gorgeous suede shirt made for next to nothing and bought some beautiful (cheap) leather handbags for loved ones back home.

5. La Lucciola gets all the attention for sunset cocktails, but new bars are opening all the time with many happy to let children come and play.

6. Mamasan Restaurant and Sea Circus are both great restaurants, day and night.

7. Marilyn Force from (we’ve featured her before on this site) has a fantastic personal shopping and sourcing service on offer, connecting you with local artisans you may never find on your own. From hip clothing to amazing furniture, this is one contact you’ll thank me for later!

8. Bali is super sultry so don’t bring jeans and do bring loose clothing and your prettiest sandals. Fellas, you may like a ‘fish nibbling’ pedicure at one of the local beauty therapy spots! Dress respectfully when in public.

9. Make friends with your concierge, they have links to taxis, the best restaurants etc. You’re in a world class hotel, milk it!

10. There’s a money changer within the hotel, so don’t stress about local currency.

This is a busy, buzzing hotel that’s quite social, but I felt quite comfortable going to the restaurant and pool on my own. Children are welcome here, but they don’t over run the hotel like some other places and the families here seemed relaxed and happy. If you’re a true foodie then I’d recommend you put together a wish list before coming, as you’ll be overwhelmed by the choices. I’d not been to Seminyak for a while before coming here and it’s constantly changing and zinging with activity. For me, this was like a well connected oasis, in amongst it all but relaxed at the same time. I loved it.

Marriott Courtyard Seminyak filming

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Massage The Marriott
Outside The Marriott