Three nights in Bangkok

by Monday, December 10, 2018

What are long weekends for? A 72-hour adventure to Asia of course! So when Journeys to Come’s Jack Walden had the opportunity to meet a friend in Bangkok for a couple of days of rest and recreation, he took it.

Jack Walden.

After a somewhat short flight (well, from Australia anything under 12 hours is easy!), I was in Bangkok. As I had left so spontaneously, I had some unfinished work to complete. What better place for that to happen than by the rooftop pool at Hotel Indigo Bangkok. Work has never been so pleasurable! Here, high above the skyline, I looked out across a city known for its vibrant street life, temples, and markets. This view is truly spectacular! There is so much to discover and explore with its delightful mix of modern and traditional.

While there are plenty of hotels to choose from in Bangkok, I believe this is the perfect spot for a hotel. Located in the central business district on tree-lined Wireless Road, where Thai radio was born.

With the sun shining and warm temperature enticing me, I had a dip in the pool. (How could I not? I was working after all and this was my coffee break!) Then, while I finished my emails, I enjoyed my first taste of Thailand from the neighbourhood-influenced menu at Hotel Indigo. I LOVED the beef jerky! And I loved the pool-side service.

Now shifting into true holiday-mode, I began what I call my Food Glorious Food exploration – from fine dining to street food, I was surrounded by so much amazing, tasty food. One highlight was a delicious Thai meal at Thai Lao Yeh. This award-winning restaurant serves their traditional Thai cuisine on plates from their collection of blue and white Thai ceramics. I love that attention to detail; it made the meal even more special.

On my first night in Bangkok, I thought I’d throw myself into the Thai throng and discover the lively, colourful neighbourhood by venturing out for street food. I took the concierge’s recommendation and began my search for a 90-year-old beef noodle venue. While my determined spirit meant we found the shop, we were, sadly, too late. Luckily, next door we stumbled upon an excellent, traditional Thai café where I continued to explore my new-found passion for Thai beef jerky!

The next night it was time to head down to Thailand’s version of Times Square: China Town (Yaowarat). Here, the area is brimming with streets running in all directions, which all lead to earthy, inexpensive restaurants.

I loved just walking along the streets, and I was surprised at the variety of food. I stopped at an amazing seafood restaurant, Lek & Rut. Of course, I had to sample some of it! I settled on some HUGE fresh prawns, and a beautiful steamed fish, plus a delicious seafood omelette. The Ginko dessert, which everyone had been raving about, was a light way to end dinner.

I spent the next day, cruising down the river – such a picturesque and relaxing way to see the city and visit some of its many temples. Starting your journey at one of the piers near the major riverside hotels means you won’t need to wait too long as there are plenty of ships going by. And while you’re waiting for your ship to come in, you can enjoy a beer, available from your friendly ticket seller.

Speeding down the Chao Praya River, we stopped in at a number of historic sites along the way including Wat Phanan Choeng, a Buddhist temple in the city of Ayutthaya. Your curiosity is stirred as there’s an interesting mix of old and new. This is what makes this place so attention-grabbing. To get around, Tuk Tuk whenever you can, particularly if you’re tuckered out! Cool down on a hot day by using these three-wheeled modes of transport; they’re a quick way of wandering around the city. We took a ride on one from China Town back to the hotel and then used a Tuk Tuk to get around during our day in the outer suburbs.

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