Tiny holidays

by Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The world of travel never ceases to amaze and this week, we discovered that In2thewild Tiny Holidays won’t tell us where their off-grid, tiny cabins until two days before a stay! It’s only then that guests are provided with “detailed instructions and embark on an adventure to find and unlock their secret hideaway!” Such a cool concept! The tiny cabins sleep up to four people and contain a kitchen, fridge, stove, full bathroom with a hot shower and toilet. Outdoor, you can find a fire pit, outdoor seating, fire-pit grill, BBQ and “lots of nature”! And they work in partnership with local farmers, supporting them and their communities. Intrigued? Let’s go! 

It’s a rainy day but we want to explore, what we should do

Rainy days are best spent with a favourite book in hand all snuggled up by our large windows overlooking stunning views.

Recommendations for night-time entertainment

We highly recommend that you take advantage of your secluded cabin to reconnect with nature, read, chat, meditate and find peace; however, if you are finding yourself desperate for a great coffee or a smashed avo on toast, you can find some amazing local cafes and restaurants minutes away in close-by towns.

Key phrases visitors should learn

Escape the noise, disconnect and get wild.

The best shopping

See answer to the question, two questions back.

A child-friendly thing to do or place to go

Our tiny cabins are a hit with families. Our locations offer various activities such as horse riding, hiking treks, prized, high-end organic produce, farm tours, local bakeries, pubs, swimming holes, beaches and waterfalls. Most importantly, our cabins offer open, natural space for children and adults to run around in.

Best kept secret or favourite hidden treasure

There is something so magical about sitting around a crackling fire with loved ones having a real conversation and gazing at stars you won’t see in major cities.

Best way to get to the airport

All of our locations are around one to two hours from Sydney/airport so it’s best to travel by car.

Best time of the year to visit

All year round! Each season offers a unique experience. We have lots of beautiful swimming locations close by in summer, and off-grid heaters and firepits to keep you nice and toasty on cooler days.

Anything else we should know when visiting

Each tiny house offers a unique experience. Properties range from boutique farms to large, multi-generational farms, winery estates, through to luxury, multi-million-dollar trophy properties.

For more information, or to book, click here.