Travel Commandments (for first-timers)

by Friday, November 25, 2016
My friend is off on her first ever overseas trip and I wanted to share with you some of the tips I told her to live by…


1. Pack your charger, adapter and portable battery pack – everyone will fight over your portable battery pack, guaranteed!

2. When you’re at the airport, before leaving, do a quick shop at the chemist and take little packs of things you use often… Panadol, hand sanitiser, Wet Ones (buy 2 packs), gum etc. It just gives you peace of mind.

3. Trust me, earplugs and an eye mask are a must – for the plane and your hotel (you never know!)

4. To avoid jet lag, get a good dose of vitamin D upon arrival, walk (don’t run, we don’t want exertion) the neighbourhood when you land and wear white – it reflects nicely upon the complexion.

5. Shipping goods is seriously annoying, but if it fits in the overhead locker, go for it baby!

6. If you see it and you love it, just buy it, you won’t be back next Wednesday if you reconsider.

7. Try to buy things you can tell a story about in 50 years. Clothing comes and goes, but you’ll treasure that dreamy vase/painting/fridge magnet etc forever.

8. Bring a tiny treat from home (it could be your favourite tea, scent or scarf) for if you feel home sick.

9. Bring a good book – see my favourites on the homepage for inspiration.


9. Don’t pack anything that needs to be ironed.

10. Don’t take anything away you’d be upset to lose… I once left a treasured original photo of my grandmother and I in a hotel room on the bedside table, that I never got back.

11. Don’t forget to pop a hotel business card in your purse to avoid ‘mid-taxi-home-brain-fart’. Yep, I just made that term up, but you’ve SO been there.

12. Don’t forget to download iTranslate before you head off overseas.

13. Don’t ever pack glass, no glass travel candles, no red wine bottles, just NO GLASS in your luggage to avoid tears.

14. Don’t forget a wrap or big scarf, preferably in wool as it breathes. It’s perfect for the ever changing temp of the plane, to wrap around a pillow, cover shoulders in religious space or even just for the chill of night, a wrap is always worth it.


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