Travel Tips, with Jack Walden, Journeys To Come Community Manager, & Guest Editor

by Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Travel Question: We’re planning a trip to Italy and wondering if it’s better to catch trains or planes?

Jack Walden.


Jack’s Response: This is a question I grappled with myself a couple of years ago. I eventually decided on trains – because I love seeing the countryside pass me by and also found it was very convenient to skip the big security lines and also begin my trip from the heart of the city. 

But there are some great options for plane travel and the deals can see the tickets be cheaper than a train trip. If you’re travelling without checked baggage, planes could be a good option. They could also be great if you’re bringing the kitchen sink and want to be able to check your bags and pick them up at the other end.

The biggest thing you’ll miss travelling around the country on planes is the countryside. There’s nothing like watching the world go by from the comfort of your seat. 

And of course, most trains in Italy also have dining cars. So you can enjoy a glass or two of vino while speeding from city to city.

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