Travel warning – Do not get a henna tattoo in Bali

by Saturday, October 19, 2019

I wanted to share a travel warning from a friend of mine whose child will be scarred for life, from getting what he thought was a henna tattoo in Bali…

I recently found myself at our local doctor and was thrilled to run into my friend from Mothers Group (I’ve chosen not to share her name for privacy reasons), but quickly found out her story was not so thrilling. She was at the doctors with her son, both had terrified looks on their faces as they’d recently returned from a wonderful holiday in Bali, only to have a reaction to what they thought was a simple, fun, henna tattoo.

I’ll let my friend share her story with you, but I’d give these seemingly natural tattoos a big miss, no matter where you are. From Byron to Bulgaria, I’m learning of horror stories. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

“When travelling to Bali, everyone tells you what to do and what not to do. Add this to your list of ‘do nots’…do NOT get a henna tattoo, unless you can be 100 per cent sure it’s henna. My 10 year old son got what we thought was a ‘henna tattoo’ on our last day in Bali and it wasn’t until a week later, after we’d returned home, that it started turning red, itchy, raised and sore. It wasn’t henna! We believe it was black hair dye mixed with… God knows what, as apparently it’s cheaper to purchase and mix with chemicals. It may have been mixed with petrol or kerosene we’ve since learned. After a course of prednisolone and cortisone it isn’t itchy and red anymore, but my son will probably have scars for years to come. To the point that we are now consulting a plastic surgeon. Please, be very cautious when considering a henna tattoo, especially for your children.’

As soon as I heard this story I shared it on my Instagram account, and within minutes hundreds of people were sharing similar stories!

If you have any other travel warnings, please do share them with us and we will do our best to advise others. Knowledge is power!

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