A trip down memory lane

by Monday, October 16, 2017

Guest Traveller Kathryn Lucas from Queensland has clearly always had wanderlust – and a keen interest in documenting her travels through photography – but this year she and her husband have well and truly succumbed to a fresh dose of the travel bug! My favourite part of this story is the New Year’s resolution-style philosophy she and her husband adopted for 2017. Need travel inspo? Read on, my friends…

My husband and I travelled before we met, after we married, and when we had children. My first trip overseas was in 1975. This is a photo (below) of me on the plane flying to London. I am in the green top behind the man with a shirt and tie. In those days security was a lot less.


This is a photo (below) taken outside N0. 10 Downing Street, London, right on the door step. These days you cannot go right up to the door for photos.


I love comparison photos! In 2014, we went to The Netherlands and we met up with my husband’s Dutch relatives. We visited a town not far from Amsterdam. I thought it looked a bit familiar. I took a photo of boats in the water. When I got home I put the two photos together from 1975 (below, left) and 2014 (below, right). They were taken in the exact same spot. I was very happy about that. This was really a coincidence. These are the two photos from 1975 and 2014. I really enjoy now taking comparison photos of where I have travelled before and putting the photos together.










These are photos of my husband in Berlin, Germany in 1976 (below, left) and 2017 (below, right).  My husband has waited 41 years to have his photo taken in front of the Brandenburg Gate again.








This year, my daughter who has been working and travelling overseas since 2009 sent me an article. It was about a family who travel. They suggested people at least try and do an activity once a month. So, this year we have been doing just that. Each month I have come up with activities which include things we have never done before. I bought my husband a flying lesson and he really enjoyed it.

In Australia, this year started off with January when we stayed in a log cabin; February – Byron Bay, NSW; March – Fraser Island, Qld.; April – a cruise for four days; May  -we hired a houseboat for three days; June – we went on a road trip where we didn’t make plans where we were going, we just decided to drive to NSW and see where we ended up; July – Sunshine Coast, Qld.; and finally, September – we headed off on our first European River cruise.