Weird spells & holy places

by Friday, October 13, 2017

Let’s be honest with each other…

Do you ever need a holiday after returning from your holiday?

Heaven, help me. I’m pooped after turning a work trip to the Jamestown Show South Australia (what a triumph, helloooo Elon Musk!) into a family holiday.

Mother Guilt, gets me every time, but boy was I dazzled by our Aussie landscape.

I honestly had moments driving through the SA countryside, seeing those age-old sandstone homesteads, lush fields full of crops, and fat darling sheep, where I had tears in my eyes. The beauty!

After meandering through the wine regions, we downed tools, or fishing rods in our case, in the magical seaside town of Robe.

I say magical as it seems to cast a weird spell on people. What’s in the water there, apart from world famous crays, of course?

Travellers have been known to wander in and never leave. Comments left on my Insta feed were full of worship. I, too, loved it. Yep, add my name to the list of people planning a return trip, but the joy was also bundling my boys up for a drive-trip and relishing the views. We really had a ball…

But did I mention I’m pooped? Enriched, but exhausted. So worth it though. I know you’ll agree with me that drive trips through our own backyard are wonderful.

I’m pretty sure every bug ever born is currently squashed to my headlights. Sorry, Bhuddist buddies, but we hit those highways big time.

Right, enough about me, have you been up to lately? Got a travel tale to share?

Our team at JTC has been nuts this week, having a great time chatting to fellow Travel Bugs (sorry, bugs on the brain) and so excited putting each week of travel info and tips together for you.

In our Come Fly With Me, we met Ailsa Piper, author of Sinning Across Spain: Walking the Camino, talking about her epic journey, and two of her “sacred sites” and why she chose them.

You see, Ailsa walked 1300 kilometres toward, in her words, “empathy and a personal credo” after the untimely death of her husband Peter. Her book tells of both these walks, and others.

I find it interesting that Ailsa thinks of herself as a pilgrim rather than a tourist because for her, a journey is about “trying to voyage inwardly as well as out into the world”. She quickly adds that she also enjoys window-shopping and nibbling in markets but that she, primarily, likes “to try to expand when I journey – and I don’t mean my waistline!” Don’t we all!

And I just love that Ailsa’s inspiration for writing the book was the tradition of medieval walkers who were paid to carry the sins of others to a holy place. Excuse me? You may like to read that last sentence one more time before we move on…

If this all sounds a tad intriguing to you, make sure you enter this week’s competition to win a copy of “Sinning Across Spain” by Ailsa Piper. All you need to do is add a comment to one of our ‘Spain’ competition posts on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook AND follow us and you’re in the draw. Good luck!

Also expanding her horizons this week was Guest Traveller Peta Anderson who travelled with her mum and son to Singapore and split their time between bustling markets, shops and satay restaurants, and chilling out by the pool on Sentosa Island. It sounds like THE ideal place for a vacation with young, primary-school-aged kids, and a possibly even a bit of poolside reflection (pun intended).

One pilgrimage I’d love to make would be to one of the hottest travel destinations du jour: Sri Lanka. In this week’s Ask The Concierge, Duminda Boteju, the Chief Concierge from Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle, 195km from Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, told us where to find the best coffee, rainy-day spot, and so much more. Take a look at the white sand on that beach and imagine jumping on a complimentary bicycle and roaming around the village, taking in the sights. Sigh…

Thank you for letting me coax you away from whatever you were doing for a moment of mindful escapism! I hope this will inspire your next voyage, wherever that may be!