Whipping off the thermals & cruising in Croatia

by Friday, June 15, 2018

I’ve whipped off the thermals and am in full, European Summer mode, as I travel from ‘The Balkans to Dalmatia’ on board MS Queen Eleganza.

I have to admit to having a soft spot for this region. My affection for Croatia began when we were here, as the first ‘non-news’ journalists to film after the war, in 1996.

I remember walking into a near-empty Dubrovnik, with only the locals and a few hardy backpackers around, and the spell being cast. When I interviewed a local, older, lady, she burst into tears and hugged me when she realised we were there to welcome people back to her country; to promote it, rather than condemn it.

Our stories had a massive impact, being shown around the world and I think I had every Croatian living in Australia stop me in the street to offer me a free meal (which I often took up considering how yummy Croatian food is).

We returned in 2006 and it was a different story: Tourism was really taking off again. When I walked out of Departures at Zagreb Airport there was a massive media contingent waiting. I thought, “Wow, I knew we’d had an effect, but this is amazing”. So, I fixed lippy and strode out… but no one stopped me. I turned around, to see that right behind me was the heavy metal band Metallica! And, the crowd went wild. Ah, you gotta laugh.

So, here I am today, sampling this trip for our upcoming Cruise book, featuring the best of these idyllic islands.

We are on a smaller boat, organised through APT, and hope to venture to places lesser known than Split, Dubrovnik, etc., which I promise we will sample as well.

Enjoy the journey and I hope your travels are treating you well, too.

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