Wrapping up the magic – My True adventure (Part 2) in WA’s Kimberley…

by Thursday, April 5, 2018

Put a big tick next to my Kimberley Bucket List trip. I’m still overwhelmed by the beauty of my own backyard. That’s such a healthy feeling: To have that travel goal – in my case 20 years in the making, and be enamoured by your own country, and have the chance to share the experience. Thank you for joining me. I hope I’ve inspired either a trip to WA, specifically The Kimberley, or at the very least, if you ever hear someone having a whinge just give them a gentle nudge and remind them how blessed we are. You can see the full itinerary, here, but if you’d like to follow our story, in pictures and in two parts, scroll down…

Part 2: The final leg of the adventure…

A boy who’s found his bliss…and maybe a Mum who’s realised I need to let my children go a bit. No matter how many times I asked ANDREW to do a Rock Art tour, he’d just want to fish and I’m so proud of him for heading out with the adults everyday. One of them described him as being so excited ‘that kids like a fart in a jar!’ Never a truer word spoken and Charlie was so happy join me on my climbs and marvel over Mother Nature as he ‘hates fishing!’ Even though he caught one of the biggest Barra’s ever. Go figure, you can lead a horse…


The Grotto. It’s at this point of my ‘Kimberley Waterfalls’ trip that I ask ‘please pass the shampoo.’ I mean seriously, it’s like I’m in a Herbal Essences commercial. Btw way this is not a paid ad…anyway, last waterfall dip, in The Grotto, before we wrap up our magical trip.


King George Falls. Ok, I need to explain this pic, my heart was certainly in my mouth when we took it. For a lot of people, their trip to King George Falls is the highlight of their Kimberley adventure. It’s pretty darn specky. The highest ‘twin falls’ in the state, waterfalls pumping, solid sandstone rising. But I loved my climb this morning, straight up the cliffs like a mountain goat, the view was above and beyond, rewarded with a swim right on the edge of the waterfall. It was just so sublime (I left my boys on the boat so I was like a new person, zero Mummy anxiety) and just sat in these fresh waters thinking ‘bless Australia!’. I suppose this is like our version of people sitting in the warm waters of Iceland watching the Aurora Borealis. Hot, magnificent, humbling. I am SO having dessert today.


Welcome all to Broome! I want the boys to experience this gorgeous pearling town before heading back to the farm and to stay at one of my favourite boutique hotels McAlpine House. I love the old Broome style of big verandas, it’s like staying in a private home which it once was. Built for a Pearl Master in 1910, also once the private home of Lord McAlpine and now owned by another Pearl Master Marylynne Paspaley who is such an inspiration to me for her contribution to tourism, business, the pearl industry and just a beautiful person. We just happen to be here for the full moon phenomenon of Stairway to The Moon, wish me luck photographing it, but for now let’s just mooch!

Part 1: Back to where it all started…

Broome. At sunset we set sail for The Kimberley, waterfalls await, but I just had to show my boys these gorgeous beaches before be embark on our adventure.


Steamed through the Buccaneer Archipelago this morning, it has around 800 islands, to wake up here in Dugong Bay. Each trip is planned around the seasons, some you’ll see whales, others perfect for Barra fishing, but this is the first trip out after The Wet Season, a record one at that, so we are hoping for plenty of waterfalls. Who knows what the day shall bring, total adventure thats for sure. Thank you so who ever organised the weather, great contacts!


Dugong Bay. They call this first trip out after the wet season, The Waterfall Cruise, with bucketloads of rain having fallen, it’s a blessing for us travellers. Charlie and I have just spotted our first waterfall on Day 1, somewhere within The Buccaneer Archipelago.


Talbot Bay Horizontal Falls. The famous Horizontal Falls, described by David Attenborough as one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, with soaring cliffs on either side that date back over 180million years, this gushing tidal rapid just appears out of nowhere in Talbot Bay. Do you know what’s weird…there’s no one here. There’s no sign of life, just us, no construction, no litter, just nature at her glorious best. Ok, I’ll stop gushing now.


Good morning sunshine. I wanted to show you this beautiful sunrise over Montgomery Reef, where we are watching the tide rapidly go out as the reef rises up to reveal itself. The colours aren’t quite as perfect on camera as in the flesh and the Traveller standing next to me said ‘there’s just some momenta you have to hold in your heart.’ Bless! Ne’er a truer word spoken. Enjoy your day. ?


Ok, up and away to Montgomery Reef, ever heard of it? It’s like the opposite of Atlantis sinking into the ocean, this heaving monolith of reef rises up out of the water at rapid speed as the tide cascades out. It’s difficult to access, totally remote, but a phenomenon to see. A flat ocean at sunrise, suddenly the tide turns, the water gushes down, revealing Australia’s largest inland reef, hundreds of turtles heads bob up to say ‘peek a boo’, birds swarm in, at the end of the season this becomes a massive maternity ward, the most important Humpback Whale nursery in the Southern Hemisphere where whales safely deliver their calves, it’s just a beautiful site..and sight to see.


#kissmycheeks Charlie focused on his next Kimberley adventure.Turns out these sombrero hats are a bit of a thing up here, a local design, that stops Mums chasing their kids with sun cream yelling ‘back of neck, tops of ears‘…or is that just me? ??


Prince Regent River. A waterfall a day keeps the dermatologist away. As much as I appreciate the glory of swimming in this pristine waterhole, my heart was in my mouth jumping into these warm waters. Once I realised crocs can’t climb (we were on top of a cliff) I tried to enjoy the moment, but for this doofus, it took a while to settle. But hey, anxiety aside, isn’t Mother Nature a rockstar. Just so bewdiful!


Sweet dreams from The Kimberley. I’m not sure if a few cricketers have made me feel a bit emotional today, but I am certain I live in the most beautiful country in the world. If you’ve any doubt, hop in a car, bus, plane or whatever and travel a lil’bit. Try not to read the news, just look around, chat to a few locals and treasure each and every moment.


Mitchell Plateau. So this is what the locals call a Kimberley puppy dog, otherwise known as a Tawny Nurse Shark. I’m assured it’d only take of a couple of fingers if it nibbled you…nice to know.


#nofilter #sunrise in WA. Feel like we should have a bit of Peer Gynt blaring around about now.


Vegetarians avert your eyes, trolls back off, you’re witnessing the grace and skill of a highly inexperienced fisherman…and yes, I still just say fisherman. For the record, this giant Cod was delivered straight back to the ocean, I didn’t kiss it btw and they’re very strict about sizing here, too small back you go, or eating ones catch where appropriate. The real prize here is a Barra (mundi), it’s so difficult to catch, but you must throw it back if it’s too big, over 80cm is a female, therefore a breeder, so back it goes. But you can see my shock at dropping a line, just a reel for me and coming up with this beauty. The gloves are to save your fingers in case the line wraps around them and to Make you look extra gorgeous. So, yes, fishing is a huuuge drawcard here and a really fun day out. To those who think fish comes from a box in the freezer and vegetarians I hope I’ve not traumatised you.


Waterfall of the day, Melaleuca Falls, totally remote, high on top of the cliffs, we picnicked amongst the paperbark trees.

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