You know my motto: there’s always another plane

by Friday, November 30, 2018


So, late last week, I was just hanging at the local airport waiting for my flight to the Cook Islands. I love people watching at airports and I had plenty of time to soak it all in as my flight had been delayed.

“Yep”, I thought, “I’ll probably miss my connecting International flight, as I stand here with two straw hats on my head, all excited to jet off on my last ‘Getaway’ trip for the year”. But, you know my motto: there’s always another plane. So, I just kept repeating that, like a mantra, as I watched those around totally lose their cool. I’ve learned that mantra the hard way of course: plenty of missed flights. Maybe you’re at one with it, too. But judging by the abuse these poor Check In people were copping, we are on our Pat Malone.

The plane was delayed due to bad weather in another city, yet people kept looking out the window yelling, “But the weather is fine!” They had no concept of a ‘knock-on effect’. I had to shut down the man next to me. He just kept repeating, “But I paid extra!” I had to stand in and stop his yelling, saying, “No one can help an Act of God. It’s not these girls’ fault. It’s the weather”. He walked away with his mouth agape as the Check In team said, “We are giving you a uniform. You should work here. Thank you”.

Do you have some doozies to share? We’d love to hear. I have to throw in the time I was on a cruise and the lady at dinner said to me, “Well, the Captain’s not very chatty!” She was so disappointed. I said, “I don’t think he’s been to Charm School. I think his job is to keep us all alive”. She still seemed disappointed that her reality was not like that of “The Love Boat”.

Anyway, let’s be positive. Do try and check in, via Instagram, with me in The Cook Islands right now. As we slowly wind up our year and get excited about our Christmas breaks, I wish you well and ask you to remember: if something doesn’t go to plan… there’s always another plane.

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