You Remind Me Of…

by Thursday, April 14, 2016

The joy of scent is that one whiff can take you straight back to a favourite locale. I know for me, the slight scent of jasmine and I’m instantly in a Sydney Summer. Here are some of my other favourite scents that’ll ping you back to paradise.


Bondi Wash – I’m obsessed with all of these natural products (they even have a dog wash!). I love the hand washes – they remind me of the Australian bush. The Lemon Tea Tree and Mandarin mist spray is a must-have for flying. Love love love!


The Body Shop’s Vanilla Body Mist – Vanilla inspires happiness and relaxation. This scent immediately has me whisked away on holiday.

Vanilla Body Mist

Pure Fiji Products – the recipes for all Pure Fiji’s products are age old – from the homes of women who’ve used these formulations for generations. I LOVE their body scrubs. Instant paradise.

coconut pure fijiVictoria’s Secret Coconut Passion – when a flight attendant helped me recently, I caught the tiniest whiff of her coconut scent and was taken straight back to school-days on a beach. I asked her what scent she was wearing, I bought the same!


Monoi Oil – used religiously in the South Pacific for everything from an after-shower moisturiser, to an amazing hair treatment. The scent is heavenly.